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A major breakthrough after the ceramic pen bead: silicon nitride substrate fills the gap in China



The silicon nitride ceramic substrate R&D project is just a microcosm of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in China. At the end of last year, China's "silicon nitride toughening project" was selected as a national key scientific research project library, and it successfully developed a 0.1-1.0 mm silicon nitride grinding bead in China. The news of successful R&D has caused a huge sensation in the domestic industry. Many scientific research institutes hold skeptical attitudes and field trips. After the on-site inspection by Dr. Lin Huatai, deputy director of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States, he spoke highly of: “Silicone nitride ceramic beads As a non-metallic powder, micro-nano material grinding core components, the role of incredible, Vickers hardness of more than 1580, fracture toughness more than 7 MPa, do not have to use grinding balls, the application of a very broad prospect."

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The preparation and industrial application of micro and nano-sized particles have always been the bottleneck restricting the development of new materials in China. The high-performance grinding media is the key to the technical problem. The silicon nitride grinding beads R&D project is aimed at exploring the R&D and industrial application of high-performance grinding media. Due to foreign technical barriers, domestic professionals have no access to such high-tech products, resulting in China's dependence on imports of silicon nitride ballpoint pen beads, grinding pearls is even more impossible to talk about. The silicon nitride grinding beads produced in China have not only realized the domestic production of high-grade ballpoint pen beads, but also realized the industrial application of high-speed ball bearings for miniature bearings. More importantly, these products are used to produce micro- and nano-sized slurries. Key consumables will promote the industrialization and application of nano-scale raw materials, including ultra-fine grinding of non-metallic raw material powder, spore wall breaking in the field of biomedicine, and breaking, grinding and synthesis of high-grade nutritional products. It can cover all domestic powder industry, grinding industry and new materials industry, and can promote the upgrading of the industry, especially the equipment manufacturing industry, and may even bring about a new round of new material industry revolution.

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