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Silicon Nitride Si3N4----The Future of Industry
Silicon nitride ceramics (chemical formula: Si3N4, Silicon nitride) is a covalent bond compound
that belongs to structural ceramic materials. As Si3N4 is a superhard material, it has high strength, high hardness, high fracture toughness, and high temperature resistance, wear resistance,
corrosion resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal shock resistance, etc. Therefore, it is widely used in energy. Modern science and technology and industrial fields such as automobiles, rail transit, machinery, metallurgy and chemical industry, electronics, aerospace, and military industry.

Metallurgical Chemical Industry
With excellent compactness, high temperature strength, thermal shock resistance and corrosion
resistance, silicon nitride ceramic materials have a wide range of application prospects in various equipment parts of the aluminum foundry industry. A series of high-performance silicon nitride ceramic products for the aluminum foundry industry, including silicon nitride risers, heater
protection tubes (radiation tubes), degassing rotors and thermocouple protection tubes. (High
strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, self
lubrication, no pollution)

Mechanical field
The silicon nitride ball hybrid ceramic bearing is characterized by high rotation speed, light weight, self-lubricating, maintenance-free and electrical insulation, and is especially suitable for spindle bearings such as machine tools. (Light weight, high hardness, abrasion resistance, self-

Energy field

Silicon nitride insulation rings, heat shields, and insulation covers have been widely used in polysilicon reaction reduction furnaces. They not only withstand high temperatures, reduce
replacement, but also extend service life, save costs, and highlight the unique value in the
energy environment. (High temperature, insulation, anti-breakdown, no pollution)

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